Digital Transformation Wave

Today the retail world is constantly evolving, giving the consumer a myriad of options to look at products and buy the best that suits their expectations. This has resulted in the blurring of the physical and digital channels. Today we are witnessing the rise of the digital or the omnichannel shopper.

Retailers are increasingly looking at integrating the online and offline channels to offer the shoppers with a more personalized and engaging shopping experience.

The need to improve the in-store experience is paramount and technology like IoT (Internet of Things), Artificial Intelligence and immersive experiences like Virtual and Augmented reality are further enabling to delight the consumer.

Competition from the online channels and improving consumer buying experiences are further adding to the cost pressure. Using the right technology and utilizing the new digital possibilities can help relieve the cost pressure.

To stay relevant with the new age shopper, retailers need a CHANNEL AGNOSTIC shopping journey.

 Retail Digital transformation via 

  • Real-time CRM
  • Third party channels
  • IoT enabled targeting
  • Customer single view
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Mobile app
  • Business Intelligence
  • Marketing automation
  • Data analytics
  • In mall screens
  • Digital assets (website, social media, blog, YouTube channel)

Retailers are responding to the changing need and expectations of the new age shoppers with:

Business Transformation: The changing retail ecosystem is forcing the retailers to change the way they run their businesses. The main focus is to integrate the online and the physical channels to provide the shoppers with a consistent experience.

Consumer experience: Retailers are using technology like predictive analytics and shopper’s data through social and other digital touch points to create a personalised offering to increase loyalty.

Digitising operations: Retailers are increasingly investing on digitising their operations to bring agility in the process to bring out new ideas, innovation and offerings to the market.

Our Offerings

100% ownership of Digital Transformation towards successful delivery of ROI. Key Elements of our offerings are:

  • Marketing Automation
  • Data systems, Advanced Analytics and AI
  • Omni Channel Technology touch points like beacons, kiosks, screen etc
  • 360-degree Outreach, PR, 3rd Party Media, Campaigns and Consumer Marketing
  • National and Regional Brand Activations
  • Content capabilities in TVC/ AV production
  • Large Size Media buying

Why Comezzo

  • Our Digital DNA and Partner Eco-System
  • Omnichannel focus
  • Past experience of leadership team across integrated solution
  • Our commitment towards your success
  • Data-driven targeting
  • Logical, creative & innovative thinking
  • KPI centricity
  • 360-degree ownership Data & technology aided execution
  • Agility
  • Evolved Processes




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