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10 years ago, businesses in India were overwhelmingly based out of Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. The situation is vastly different now. Spurred on by the IT boom and shared working spaces, today start-ups are springing up across the country- from Pune to Chennai and from Kolkata to Vellore. Leading to a mass migration of young men and women in search of opportunities. Colive came up as a response to this urban displacement. Realizing that finding safe, habitable living spaces in new cities was the biggest pain point for these young people, Colive began offering this convenience. It started a chain of branded PGs and serviced homes for singles and couples in Bengaluru, which quickly spread across 4 major cities in South India.


Like all start-ups, Colive hit the ground running and decided to implement its systems on the go. As the company got larger, these issues started pinching. Brand Identity, Tone-of-voice, Digital Outreach were some of the areas where Colive needed to put a blueprint in place. Communication objectives needed to be assigned and outbound marketing procedures needed to be formalised.


Comezzo is a digital and content marketing agency set up in the digital era. We understand how customers are moving away from traditional media. We started by putting together a complete strategic plan for Colive’s brand vision. This meant developing signature brand identities- like the brand color palette, logos, typography and brand guidelines. We then created branded identities for Colive properties based on the concept of communities. All Colive properties are named after rivers as they symbolise sharing and community living. We crafted a digital engagement plan to increase and mature lead generation among targeted customers. And finally, we put together a corporate and investment outreach plan to showcase Colive’s success to investors.


In a period of just 5 months since we took over the digital and marketing mandate of Colive, we achieved some very special numbers. To begin with, we grew the current leads by a whopping 400%, thus creating a steady pipeline of prospective customers. And while we upped the marketing spends to double, we manage to reduce the cost/lead by a healthy 50%. That’s not all. The CTR as defined by Google rose by a very respectable 15%. And the icing on the cake was the conversions of the leads- they shot up by an incredible 250%.

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