About Comezzo

Comezzo, which stands for ‘the middle of content’ in Latin, has always positioned itself as bang in the centre of the digital revolution that is brewing around us. Digital transformation is changing the way clients and customers are interacting with each other. 70% of Indians are below 30 years of age. Most of them do not consume traditional media. On the other hand, there are over 1 billion phones and 300 million smartphone users in India today. Everything from news, entertainment, sports, videos and information is being consumed on the move by this digitally savvy, young consumer.

Comezzo is uniquely placed to help clients meet these unique challenges. We are a perfect combination of freshness, passion and seasoned experience. A strong background in Predictive AI technology and an understanding of new age marketing tools like Native Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing, allows us to solve complex marketing problems that legacy agencies can’t. But don’t take our word for it. Call us to schedule a presentation or a project We would be happy to demonstrate our capabilities.

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