Why Is Video Marketing So Effective? Here Are 10 Reasons

Video dominates the marketing world today – But it’s not just on YouTube.

Where do you think consumers go to see videos? On Social Channels! We are serious, according to Hubspot, four out of the top six channels that worldwide consumers use to watch a video are social channels.


According to the Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) Complete forecast, by 2021,

  • 80% of the World’s Internet Traffic Will Be Video
  • There will be approximately 1.9 billion Internet video users
  • The world will watch nearly 3 trillion minutes of Internet video every month

And it’s not like things are going to slow down any time sooner. Additionally, Nicola Mendelsohn Facebook’s EMEA Vice President expects that by 2021, their content will probably be “all video”.

What does all this mean? Simply put, businesses need to make Video Marketing a critical part of their digital marketing strategy or bear the risk of being left behind.

Why Video Marketing?


It’s not quite hard to see why Video is getting so popular these days – for one thing – It’s that one format that is easy-to-digest and gives our eye rest from the flood of textual information online. No wonder, the world reportedly watches 1 billion hours of YouTube video every single day.

A Video is one very engaging and versatile content format which not only gives a real-life picture of what’s going on but has also become very simple to share across a diverse range of platforms. Marketers like videos because it can potentially yield a huge return on investment (ROI) through different channels and consumers like it because these are easy to digest, engaging and yes – “Entertaining”.  

In addition, videos are also very accessible to possibly anyone who has internet access, both to produce and watch. Well, certainly in 2019, the trend is towards producing higher quality videos, and anyone can hop onto their laptop and create their own video within an hour.

Now, we start highlighting 10 key reasons why Video is so effective, hence crucial for your digital marketing strategy.

Informing And Educating

A whopping 98 percent of users confirm they have watched explainer videos to learn more about a product/service and 97 percent of businesses confirm explainer videos are effective.

Gone are the days when pitching type approach worked. The reason is simple – there are simply too many choices. Marketers need to approach audiences differently – A value-based offer and not just a sales pitch. Videos excel here – it gives the customers a real close look at the product/service which helps them making purchase decisions.

Search Engine Optimization

According to Cisco, by 2021, 80 percent of all the internet traffic will consist of video. Search engines view videos as high-quality content, hence different types of video content on your main web pages can work wonders – especially for your SEO. But again, the videos themselves need to be optimized properly, which means incorporating the correct keywords, a good meta description, and yes, a strong title.

Boosting Conversions & Sales

What is the most dominant sense for human beings? It’s our “Vision”. Most of the information transmitted to our brain is visual. Pictures have always been a powerful way to boost engagement – Now imagine the power of moving pictures and what it can do for your business.

Yes, videos can help you make a lot of money. You can increase your landing page conversions by 80 percent by simply adding a product video there. In fact, Treepodia team says – “Video works well irrespective of the category in which it is deployed”. In addition to this, studies show 74 percent of the users who watched an explainer- product-video subsequently purchased it.

A well-done video can lead directly to sales – the effectiveness of video is not even that surprising.

Staying Competitive

According to Hubspot, 81 percent of businesses are now using video marketing, and 45 percent of businesses who use video marketing has an explainer video on their homepage. The reason is quite simple – Video is one amazing medium to get your message to your consumers. A unique explainer video made a world of difference when it comes to educating people on the ins and outs of a product.

Even if it’s a bandwagon, you don’t want to miss our riding the wave of success with Videos – Its key to staying competitive today.

Getting Personal

Live Video – Heard of this new sensational trend in Video Marketing? Cisco predicts, by 2021, Live video usage will increase 15-fold and account for 13% of global internet traffic. You may think why these works, well Live Videos are great to-

  • Offer a feel of face-to-face interaction
  • Build brand trust
  • Offer audiences casual and interesting updates

Live streaming craze is increasing and it is set to grow even further for its real-time, ephemeral content.

Builds Trust

The entire concept of content marketing is based on building trust and creating long-term relationships. Hence it is important to stop selling, but providing your consumers with interesting and useful information.

Trust is the foundation of sales and conversions. 57 percent of consumers agree to the fact that videos give them more confidence to purchase online. Video fundamentally does it all – Engages and Ignites Emotions.

Brand Recall

As per HubSpot data, about 80 percent of clients recollect a video they viewed in the most recent month. Video marketing promotes brand recall and this is undeniably one of the best benefits.

Videos are exceptionally visual and sound-related, which makes it simpler and easier for the consumers to recollect than the written content. So, when a consumer recollects your video content, they also recollect your brand – what does this mean? It means more deals and leads for your business.

Encourages Social Shares

Michael Stelzner stated in the 8th annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report, in 2015, 60 percent of the social marketers used video content, and in 2016, 73 percent of the total respondents planned to use it. Well, they sure did.

Social networks are encouraging video content like never before, and they are constantly adding in new features. Facebook’s 360-degree Video, Live Video, and Lifestage, Instagram’s 60-Second Videos & Instagram Stories, Twitter’s Periscope are few amazing features that have gained immense popularity. And yes, don’t forget YouTube the second most popular social network across the world.

But not all video’s get social shares, the ones which are entertaining and connects does, so focus on just that. Emotions aren’t ROI but social shares have got the power to increase your website traffic – think about the leads you can generate from there.

Appeals Mobile Users

Mobile and Video go hand in hand, well numbers say the same. 90 percent of the consumers watch videos on their smartphones. According to YouTube, video consumption increases 100 percent every single year.

Today people prefer to watch videos on the go, and yes, the number of smartphone users is growing at rocket speed – What does this mean? Your mobile video watching audience is growing bigger and bigger.

Engages Lazy Buyers

A Video is a great tool for learning and much easy to consume. Today consumers lack the time to read long product descriptions, they like to see the product in action. Hence, they look for valuable video content that explains it all.

Marketing with video increases your chances to capture a wide audience base – it works on all age groups and even attracts the lazy buyers.


Your Company Needs Video Marketing

We hope the reasons stated in this blog would have guided you in understanding the real power of well-made and channelized videos. But, the importance of video marketing is indoctrinated in creating and implementing the right video marketing strategies customized to the needs and goals of your business.

Would you like to know what would be the right video marketing strategy for your business?

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