SEO Is Dead, Its Time For Writing Great Quality Content That Performs

IS SEO Dead?

This is one of the questions that keep on popping from time to time. After every few months, someone comes up with the concept that SEO is dead and now, instead of investing in SEO, you need to work on your content if you want your websites to be ranked higher in the search engine and if you want to attract organic traffic to it.

But, what’s the truth?

Is SEO really Dead!!!

Well, the truth is today, you cannot achieve a high search engine rank for your website without the original, interesting, useful, informative and well-presented content. But, SEO is not dead.

Some techniques of SEO which were known to yield fruitful results about a year ago have proven non-efficient today, and “Content has taken the center stage” when it comes to achieving higher rankings, organic traffic and higher ROI through a website.

What Can Be Termed As “Quality Content”?

Before you go on and start producing quality content for your website, it’s important to understand what exactly the “Quality Content” is.

The search engines like Google have become much smarter, efficient and better today, that they were in the past. These search engines are now using robust and powerful algorithms to screen the content and ranking a website.

“High-Quality Content” refers to something which is original, not at all copied or spun, and delivers, meaningful information to the users, website visitors and customers. Now, the content does not necessarily need to be in the textual form. It can be a picture, a video, an infographic, a buying guide or anything else that delivers some value.

Now, if you believe that by producing and publishing high-quality content, you can achieve higher search engine rankings, then it’s not completely right. High-quality content is what you need for higher rankings, but, if it is not optimized properly, it won’t be able to deliver the measurable results.

After publishing the high-quality content, you need to make the search engines aware of your content. Don’t let technical problem come in your way and prevent the search engine crawlers from reaching your content.

Content Needs To Be Produced From The Customers’ Perspective

Yes, it’s important that you produce the content from the perspective of customers and write something which they find relevant.

One of the ways that search engines use to evaluate the content quality is by checking its relevance for the customers, and there’s no better way of targeting the interests of customers than through the relevant keywords.

After all, every search on the search engine begins with someone typing a key phrase or keyword in the search box and ends when they click on one or more sites listed in the search results.

So, if your content does not include keywords or the phrases which closely resemble what users or customers are searching on the internet, it’s never going to yield fruitful results.

High-Quality Content Needs To Be Optimized

Yes, you need to optimize your high-quality content so that it can reach the search engines and they approve it while considering it good enough to be presented to web users. Here, it would be wrong to use the term “SEO”, but, one cannot ignore the significance of optimization of the content.

Some of the content optimization techniques that can help you produce high-quality content and achieve the desired results, better leads and higher ROI include:

  • Usage of keywords in the content which support customer targeting
  • Link Attraction
  • Internal Link Optimization
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Technical SEO, which makes your site more accessible for the search engines

So, instead of focusing on SEO, today, if you want your site to perform well, you have to accentuate on content marketing along with contemporary & technical SEO. You need to build a website completely from a user’s perspective and do everything that can engage the users with the website. At the same time, you have to optimize the website wisely for search engines so that they can access it and take it to the users by listing it in the search results.

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