5 Big Mistakes People Do In Content Marketing

Content marketing is ruling the online industry and brands are already practicing it consistently. But even after making a lot of efforts, only a few of them are achieving the desired result; rest are still struggling with it.

Content marketing, as it seems so easy, is not that simple to do. Brands either try to do everything or ignore most of the important things while doing content marketing. And they do not even realize the mistakes that they are doing. Today, we shall be discussing the five big mistakes that people make in the field of content marketing.

Trying to be everything

Some brands, instead of focusing on certain things, try to do everything to woo their customers. What they don’t realize is that their customers may not be interested in reading that unnecessary stuff and thus, they end up losing them.

Brands are recommended NOT to try everything rather make a list of things which they think have their expertise in and must focus on that only.

Limiting your ideas to words only

There are also some brands who limit their ideas and creativity to words only. They need to understand that content marketing is about reaching to as many audiences as possible. Limiting to only blogs and articles might not do that.

Brands are recommended to try different channels and forms to promote their content. Instead of publishing blogs/articles only, try your hands on videos, whitepapers, GIFS, infographics and whatever comes in your mind. But remember that poorly crafted content will not be very well received, thus focus on quality instead of quantity.

Poor SEO

SEO acts as a catalyst in the success of content marketing. Brands often consider SEO as stuffing keywords in the content; however, SEO is more about using the right keywords at a reliable pace to increase your visibility in the search engines.

Brands are recommended to do SEO in a strategic manner to drive more traffic. They must know how to use it in different platforms and social media channels.

Underestimating the power of email

This is one of the biggest mistakes that brands often make. They either do not create their email subscribers list in the early stage or do not focus on segmentation and thus lose a lot of business.

Brands are recommended to categorize their email subscribers list based on their interests and demands. It becomes easy to tailor the communication to fit those categories and cater as per their interests.

Not sharing/promoting

Some of the brands ignore the power of social media and don’t find it necessary to promote their content on social media channels which is not recommended. There are also some brands that promote their content on social media but either once or twice, which is again not recommended. The internet is full of content – everyday contents are updated in different forms and your content gets sunk in a very short time after getting posted.

Brands are recommended to share content various times in a uniform schedule, in different forms and channels.

Final thoughts

The success of content marketing completely depends on how you execute it. Without strategizing, your content will not turn out in the way you wanted it to be. It is necessary to remember that the content you create is completely meant for your audience. Put some extra efforts to understand your audiences’ interests, their queries, and demands. Use content marketing as a growth hacking tool – to associate with your audience rather than just selling your products/services.

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