State of Content Marketing in India

state of content marketing in india

Scouring Google search to find the top Content Marketers in India (by looking at what value is shown on agency website and blog) has thrown up predictable, yet startling results. Read on to find out.

For a kick off, I found 5 sponsored results on the very first page.

Let me set you up with the premise of my research

I wanted to know how transparent, modest, and effective, content marketing agencies are in India. For a scale of measurement, I always look for the agency’s blog. A content marketer’s biggest arsenal is it’s blog.

“I was not surprised to find out that blogs of most agencies are so poor, that it would have been better if they just didn’t bother to maintain them”

Well, what gave them away?

Two things; (1) Lack of contextual content and  (2) Pathetically poor content reach

Being a co-founder of a content marketing  myself, I always emphasise on not churning the same malarkey (packaged as content) repetitively. People can read about content/digital marketing elsewhere, produced by authoritative sources. For tried and tested methods of digital marketing I would recommend you visit Quicksprout, Content Marketing Institute, Copyblogger, etc. They have a lot of amazing content.

So, what’s wrong with Indian content marketing agencies?

What content marketing agencies in India fail to address is the CONTEXT. Within the agencies mentioned in the first 2/3 pages on Google search, not one had produced content about content marketing in the Indian context (on their respective blogs).

It’s all fine writing War and Peace stories about why content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, etc are vital. Better sources have already done that. There is no need to revisit these topics.

However, the business scenario and customer base in India is so different from the west, where most of the terrific content about digital marketing is produced. This is exactly why digital marketing agencies should write about tips, case studies, ideas, theories, etc in the Indian context.

Let me give you an example. Instead of writing about “10 things to do to gain 1000 followers on Twitter”, why not write about “How do Indians use Twitter and how to bring value to Indian Consumers via the platform”. If the title is too long, shorten it by all means.

The first line of trouble

I know there are these jack-off SEO experts who shove in numbers (Top 10…, 12 Must Do…, etc) in titles to shoot the site ranking. But, agencies and businesses should put sense ahead of brutal tricks to show up on Google. Well, what is the point of showing up at the World Cup with a club squad?

Us agencies should put the client’s customer first, followed by our clients, and then ourselves. Too many business owners, especially these “disruptive startup” companies are fueled by truck loads of money, as a result they seek instant gratification with content strategies.

Every thing they do is driven by the recovery of ROI faster than you can say India. This is a different story altogether. But, it is imperative for digital marketing firms to set the targets right before the contract is signed.

A major sign to back out of a deal is when the client wants a 3 month deal. Content marketing is a slow, laborious task, it takes time to understand the client’s customer base first, then chalk out a strategy, learn from pit falls, pivot, and then reap the benefits of content.

So, what is the gospel?

As content marketers, we first need to create relevant, contextual content written for potential clients who do business here, in India. That is how we show that we care and understand the business landscape.

Remember, a content marketing agency’s blog is the reflection of the agency’s mettle. If this is lousy, so is the agency. What is your take on the content marketing business in India? Also, If I have missed out on smart content marketers in India, do mention them in the comments section.

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